The reviews are in . . .

Fodder School is a smashing success!

"Oh my goodness, where do I start? This would have to be the best course I've ever done . . . I don't want to stop."

-Cathy W.

"If you're not in Fodder School, you're missing out."

-Leona D.

"Joining Fodder School was the best choice I made for my art practice."

"I love Fodder School. I have learned something valuable and fun from every single instructor. I already know that I will enroll in Fodder School 2."

-Justine B.

"Dear people who have not signed up yet for FS1 . . . you will never regret attending on-line Fodder School. You will learn so much about art and having fun with it!!! If you don't feel quite like an artist when you start, you will be by the end! That's what happened for me . . . and I haven't even completed every course yet!!! Go at your own speed and just enjoy the process!!!"

-Jane M

"I've loved everything about it! The projects, the instructors, working at my own pace, learning new things, seeing everyone's interpretation of each project, the bonus lessons . . . so much to rave about!!"


"I love Fodder School! Before I signed up I thought it would be too much for me but not at all. It really fills me with joy watching the videos, finding ways to make my projects."


"Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the past and future teachers in Fodder School and to all the behind the scene workers keeping it running. What a feast of creativity! A full buffet of techniques! I am going at my own pace as I want to savour it all and life does get in the way every now and again. There is so much to learn and develop from each really full lesson. You teachers are so very generous with not only preparing the lessons, but taking time providing feedback as we post. My head is exploding with ideas and my heart is full. "

-Kaye S.

Fodder School

make collage fodder . . . use collage fodder . . . repeat!

We are SO excited to continue to offer you Fodder School 1 . . . an incredible, unique opportunity that we delivered for new and experienced mixed media artists everywhere.

With Fodder School 1 you will have instant access to 11 months of Fodder School content: the make fodder lessons, use fodder projects and all of the amazing bonus lessons.

If you don’t know this already, handmade collage fodder is THE SECRET to incredible mixed media art that is unmistakably YOURS.

Eleven Big Projects

and lots of surprise bonuses!

Think incredible handmade books (including one to store your fodder!), amulets, prayer flags, ATCs (artist trading cards), tags, postcards, assemblages, planner pages, art journal spreads, and even framable fine art for your walls.

We’ve seen this ourselves with our own art: what starts to happen is the more handmade fodder you have at your fingertips, the more individual and unique the mixed media art is that you are able to create. Your colors, your marks, your hand, your eye, your taste. It’s all built into your collage fodder. 

And the fodder that you’ve created in previous lessons? Well, that becomes a part of what you can build into the other projects as well. By the end of Fodder School 1, you will be a world class mixed media artist!

Enroll in Fodder School 1 and get instant access to all 11 courses!

Fodder School 1 Instructors

Aimee Bishop


Building a library of special pieces to use in her art is one of Aimee's favorite practices. She'll guide you through her process of tapping into instinct, fearlessness and freedom by showing you ways to express your true artistic voice. We will build our library of unique marks and then reinvent these pieces into art that is wholeheartedly you!

Wendy Solganik


Wendy adores all handmade collage fodder, and one thing she has experimented with a lot is using dye with paper. Whether that dye a natural eco dye that you create in a pot on your stove, coffee or tea, liquid watercolor, or even synthetic dye, it's all useful when creating collage fodder. In her project lesson, Wendy will demonstrate how she created a very personal and beautiful artisan book from start to finish. We will even jumpstart your way to filling the pages with content that is helpful and meaningful to you.

Tracey Wozniak


Did you know that giving someone encouragement means to infuse them with courage? In Tracey’s class, Every Little Thing, we will be creating Textural Abstracts using every little thing that brings you joy. Those abstracts will then be broken down and integrated into a variety of customized projects using inspirational quotes and words of affirmation as the powerful focal point. These are perfect for personal reminders or giving away… infusing someone with courage.

Megan Whisner-Quinlan


Megan Whisner Quinlan is a mixed media collage artist and book maker. Using collage fodder is an essential part of her process in creating her mixed media compositions. Creating these components ahead of time allows her art to have a dynamic quality with less effort, and eliminates over thinking. Megan will walk you through creating several kinds of fodder and then show you how to assemble them as individual pieces. Your finished projects can stand alone or await use in your art journal spreads.

Rebecca Chapman


Always inspired by nature, Rebecca will share how she creates colourful 'foundation' fodder for her joyful artwork. You'll create your very own layered art piece ready to display or gift to someone special.

Sarah Gardner

Sarah has long been an ardent sharer of small works of art - whether as postcards or, more recently, ATCs.  Artist Trading Cards may be small, but they are fierce! Sarah knows you can fit a lot of layers on any size substrate; and one of the things she loves to do is add details to her art. With ATCs those details are smaller, but no less plentiful than in her full-size art journal spreads.  Sarah will show us how to create Micro Fodder to use in making beautiful, layered ATCs. Then she will help us create a full set of ATCs with abundant detail to share with one another or the world!

Laura Dame


Who doesn't love a good junk journal? In her classes, Laura will teach you how to make a variety of collage fodder and then take all of the fodder you've created and build a junk journal. She'll then take you through the process of decorating your journal and making it your own.  

Roxanne Padgett


Roxanne is a visual teaching artist with more than 30 years of experience with a large variety of techniques and materials. Her current obsession is with mixed media painted papers, collage fodder and book-making. In her Fodder School Workshop, 13 Dresses, certain colors, shapes and patterns evoke strong memories that provide mental "fodder" for creative projects, including a uniquely shaped accordian book that she will demonstrate.

Kelly Anderson


You will rarely find Kelly without a notebook or planner at hand for capturing thoughts on the fly, keeping her life organized, and jotting down the day’s happenings. To keep her constant craving for creativity satiated, she’s combined her love of daily bullet journaling and list making with doodles, paints, and handmade collage fodder. Join her in her Traveler's Notebook where she will show you how to Fodder Your Day through clever tuck-points and tip-ins mixed with unique ways to date your pages and title your lists.

Tiffany Sharpe


Tiffany loves playing with watercolor techniques and watching the colors swirl together to create unpredictable results. Her loose and stress free lessons on watercolor leaf and floral collage fodder pairs well with the extreme organization that is Tiffany's Fodder Keeper project, a place to store all of the beautiful handmade fodder that you create!

DeeDee Catron

@deedeecatron @umwowstudio

DeeDee will bring together her signature style of carved big bold marks with some glitz & glam in a diorama pamphlet featuring gold foiled fodder. Think fun, think autumn, think natural & neutral.

Are you late to this party?

The classroom opened on October 1, 2021.

We've opened registration again for the many artists that are first hearing about this experience and totally missed out on the October 1, 2021 start date.

New artists are joining every day!

We recommend starting with the lessons in the current month, and making your way through the other months content that excites you the most at your own pace.

Lifetime Access

The lessons in Fodder School have "lifetime access," which means the lifetime of the course. They are not downloadable but will be available in Willa Workshops on Teachable for many years.

The cost of Fodder School is $207.00 USD + tax, an incredible price of less than $19.00 per mixed media art course.

Compare that to the individual cost of taking online mixed media art classes a la carte and you know what an absolutely incredible value Fodder School 1 really is.

Check out the basic supply list here.

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We know that in a world where the content creation monster is raging in many people's minds (you are not alone!), the pressure to get noticed and create interesting content for social media every day can be very real.

And we LOVE to see photos of your finished Fodder School projects on social media, so please go ahead and post those final project photos and reels using the hastags



That said, here are some of the big social media no nos that will not sit right with us and will likely result in your removal from the Fodder Challenge or Fodder School classroom:

  • creating videos of yourself doing the Fodder School lessons and then reposting the video on Instagram, YouTube or any other social media platform

  • overly descriptive post descriptions that reveal the techniques taught in the Fodder School lessons.


Are you ready to jump right in?

Your Hosts

TIffany Sharpe


Executive Producer

Tiffany Sharpe enjoys making books and sharing her love of art with others. She learned the joy of crafting at an early age, and continued to quilt and knit as she taught high school chemistry and middle school science. It was not until later in life that Tiffany discovered her love of watercolor and mixed media. Like many others, she found that making and working in art journals was a therapeutic way to express her creativity during the pandemic.

Tiffany was born in South Korea and raised in Colorado. She now lives in Minnesota with her husband and two children. They enjoy spending time on nature walks and simple family dinners together.

Wendy Solganik


Owner and Creative Director

Wendy Solganik, aka “Willa” on Instagram, is a life long artist and crafter, currently working in book arts, mixed media and watercolor. From production wheel pottery to scrapbooking to knitting and so many more passions, Wendy always dives deep to master a craft.

After a fifteen year stint as the co-owner of Luscious Verde, a successful, Louie award-winning, custom invitation design, printing and manufacturing company, you can find Wendy at home in her studio, crafting handmade, colorful, and highly custom art journals for clients while caring for her large extended family.

Wendy's work has been featured in Uppercase Magazine and you can listen to her interview other artists and bookmakers on her podcast, Show Up or Shut Up with Wendy Solganik. You just never know where she will wander to next!