Looking for a way to combine your love of art journaling with your need to put your thoughts onto the page?

"These journals bring me such peace and comfort and really help me keep my feet on the ground. I'm almost able to keep a rountine for writing and I'm so excited because that has been one of my goals. Slowly but surely, I am trying to make space for more self care routines. It's baby steps, but every few months I add a new one."

-Megan Quinlan


"I love working this way, so that I can just be inspired when I am ready to write . . . Just a few pages more and this journal will be done. It's been less than a month and it has served me so well. I have a new one at the ready with hues of summer on it's pages waiting to be started. I'm not sure I will wiz through this one quite so fast, but either way, they are my little best friends waiting for me to pour it all out. They never judge me, these little books. That is why I love them so."

-Megan Quinlan

Life throws curveballs.

Megan began using her writing journals a few years ago to help her use art while processing her busy, challenging days.

Take time to pause.

These journals are her sanity savers and her “best friends” who are with Megan through thick and thin.

Work through it all.

You too can create little arty, judgment free zones where it is safe to practice some self-care and make really fun art too.

Come Journal into your Art (JIYA) with Megan and have instant lifetime access to this course.

Closed captioning in English will be available available for the JIYA course a few days after it opens!

The Magic of Megan Quinlan

Megan is excited to share these journals with you, and how to add them to your daily art practice.

In the first half of the course you will build your journal. Once your book is constructed, it is yours to use however it moves you. You may just want a hand-made journal for writing and that is awesome! Or you may want to learn Megan's tips and tricks for high impact art journal pages with lots of writing and easy handlettering.

How it all began . . .

However hard she tried, Megan always struggled to keep up a written journal practice. It was only until she discovered that she needed to add more of “Megan” to her pages, that she made her regular writing practice stick.

Too much empty space intimidates many of us and prevents us from getting started. Once Megan added some mixed media techniques, she began to show up consistently.

Megan also discovered that she had some tried and true easy formulas that she enjoyed using in her journals over and over, and she shares those with you in the second half of JIYA.

Bonuses, of course!

Megan has included loads of bonus videos to the JIYA course to help generate more fun as you work on your journal.

Things like how to make all of the whimsical collage fodder that Megan is so well known for to ideas for scraps, and “going big” with some of the class concepts.

Are you ready to JIYA with Megan?