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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I learn bookbinding in this course?

This is not a bookbinding course, and I do not teach how to create the cover of the journals that I work in (the cover structure is from my course called Willa Journals). If you want to bind your own book to paint in, I am going to provide guidance on using the paper that I use to bind into any cover, so that you can bind them into your own journal.

If I don't make my own journal, can I still create art like this?

Yes, I will provide information about journals that you can purchase that have the same deckle edge effect and then I will teach you what to do with them to create the look that I get.

Is this course live on Zoom or recorded with videos?

The course content is all delivered with recorded videos.

Will I have Lifetime Access to this content?


Are the videos closed captioned, and if so, in what languages?

Yes they are.

English, French, Spanish, German, Hindi, Arabic and Hebrew.

Other languages available by request.

Is this a good course for beginners?

Yes it is, as I will be teaching a lot of the basics before we move on to the Watercolor for Relaxation pages.

Will you be teaching us how to paint leaves and flowers in this course?

To learn the basics of loose watercolor leaf and floral painting, please take my course, Willa's Watercolor Leaves and Florals

In Watercolor for Relaxation, I will review how I uses basic leaf and floral shapes to create implied patterning on my art journal pages.

How many hours of video content are in this course?

A lot.

I always over deliver!

What will we be learning in this course?

You be learning everything that I know and use in order to make Watercolor for Relaxation a major part of my artistic life!

I'll be taking you through all of the supplies and techniques that I use. I'll be going into depth about color mixing and brush control.

I'll teach you all about the journals and the papers that I love to use (we will not be book binding in this course, but I will provide suggestions for purchasing a book like mine or making your own using the instructions in The Willa Journals Course.

I'll give you loads of suggestions for pages to create based on the ones I have created in the past, and teach you how to create your own designs.

What is the cost of this course?

$147.00 USD + tax

When can I see the video lessons for this course?

All lesson content is now available for immediate access in the classroom.

Where did you get the journal that you paint in?

The journal that I paint is was created by me. I used a "Willa Journal" as the cover and a handmade watercolor paper for all of the pages.

The "Willa Journals" course is one of my courses on Willa Workshops. When you make and bind your own journals, you get to choose the papers that you put in your journal.

In the case of the book that is in this video, the pages were created from a handmade 100% cotton watercolor paper with deckled edges that I purchased off of Amazon. I don't recommend painting directly on this paper that I used in this journal-it turned out to not be great paper for watercoloring.

In this course, I'm going to go over the different option for your own journal, the workaround that fixed this journal for me, and even what I want to experiment with in the future.

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