Students say the nicest things!

I am overwhelmed with just how much you have so generously packed into this course. I have taken hundreds of courses over my lifetime, never one so enjoyable, informative, creatively unique or detailed as your Willa journals course has been. OHMYSOUL I will miss having you in my studio all the time. 🥲

So - I will simply have to start on my NEXT Willa journal!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🥰 🤗 😉

-Pam McKenzie

Welcome to the Phenomenon that is

The Willa Journals Course

Hello! It's so nice to meet you.

My name is Wendy Solganik. It is possible that you know me from Instagram as @willa.wanders.

I love to make handmade books and I adore mixed media art. I'm a watercolor painter and an art journaler. I like to sew, both with a machine and by hand. I collect vintage fabrics, new and old papers, and my own art that I always need to find a use for!

Something tells me that you may enjoy the same things.

What exactly is a Willa Journal?

A Willa Journal is what happens when a handmade art journal and a junk journal have a baby. It is an extremely popular book structure that you can put your stamp on with your collected fabrics and papers tailored to meet your personal art passions.

I created and sold Willa Journals every week for a year before I created this course because I couldn't keep up with demand. I wanted to pass along the process so that you would learn everything you needed to know in order to make these journals yourself.

I'll Teach You Everything I Know

If you love mixed media art, crafting and yummy textiles as much as I do, you probably have piles of fabric, paper and your own art lying around. Do you ever wonder what to do with all of that stuff?

I discovered that I could combine it all into a one-of-a-kind, handmade book: a Willa Journal. A place to store cherished things, full of ephemera from the past and new treasures from today. A place to make art, keep notes and lists, and write from your heart. An art book that is also fresh ground for new creations, new inspiration and new adventures.

Let me teach you how to create a unique, personal, mixed media mashup journal that you can keep, gift or sell. in my online Willa Journals Course. You can watch the lessons at your own pace, and join our community of artists.

The price of the course is $187 USD plus local tax.

The Willa Journals Course is Beloved


Here is what a few of them said:

Laura said . . .

Thank you for an amazing class! You have so generously shared so much with us! Life is currently interfering with me following through to the end, but there is no doubt I will get back on track and make the most of those bonus lessons! Will recommend it to anyone, and certainly amazing value for the cost.

Rochelle said . . .

Thank you so much Wendy for your kindness, generosity and wonderful teaching style. I cannot possibly choose a favourite part but I have been over each lesson multiple times now.

I have so many "treasures" collecting to go into journals and now family and friends collecting for me too.

It's been truly wonderful meeting you here as well as some of the other participants. I'm feeling utterly blessed and grateful.

Can't even begin to express my thanks.

Tracy said . . .

Such unbelievable generosity and creativity, Wendy. I can't believe how much I love making these journals. I can't wait to see how they evolve as I make them more and more mine. This course is an absolute treasure trove of skills and inspiration. Thank you so much for all you put into it!!

What More People are Saying . . .

This is one of the best classes I've ever taken! Thank you so much for the time and love you've put into it.


I bow down before you Wendy Schkolnick Solganik and Arielle DeVito!! Wow, I’m so impressed. My morning routine is coffee in bed watching videos of my current ecourse. Yours!!! Beyond excited and happy  I found you Wendy by doing the lovely Laura Horn Modern Mixed media course.

I love so much your statement that producing a Willa journal is bringing together in one place ALL the creative passions we have. I started going through my 30 year journey with all things textiles - my screen printing g, fabric dyeing, eco printing, quilting, bleaching, collection of Japanese kimono pieces. It makes me smile, it brings backs memories of the places and people where these collections came from. From my bedroom I can see the piles of fabric in my loungeroom that isn’t sorted yet. Happy place. So thank you talented ladies for putting this journey together for us. 


Thank you!! I’m really impressed with how much information is in each video! Great class!!


Thank you both. As English is not my mother language, I really appreciate the pdf, which let me time to plenty understand the videos. But I must say that Wendy's accent is perfectly understandable for me.


I am blown away by all the work you have put into this course already. So excited to work through it! Thank you!


Did my first deep dive into your class most of yesterday, and I wanted to thank you for putting together an incredible class. I love your artistry, candor and attention to detail. Excited to express my artistry through handmade journals of my own. Thank you for this labor of love you have created that is completely inspiring.


Wendy, you have found a calling with the Willa Journals, but you've got another as a teacher. The instruction you are providing is absolutely amazing. You have such a wealth of knowledge, and a gift for conveying it. Just wow, and thanks

Willa Journals Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Welcome, Tools & Materials, Building Your Stash

Lesson 2: Construction of a Machine Stitched Willa Journal Cover

Lesson 3: Construction of a Hand Stitched Willa Journal Cover

Lesson 4: Signature Wraps, Keyhole Binding, and Closures

Lesson 5:Building Your Signatures

Lesson 6: Embellishing Your Signatures

Lesson 7: Binding Your Willa Journals

Lessons 8: Fabric and Paper Snippet Rolls

Lesson 9: Original, Intuitive Decorative Mixed Media Paper

Lesson 10: Creating Loose Watercolor Leaves and Florals Pages

Lesson 11: Messy Papers

The Willa Journals Course Includes

4 Big Bonus Lessons!

When you purchase the Willa Journals Course, you get immediate access to bonus lessons on:

  • Loose watercolor leaf and floral painting for page decoration

  • Paper and Fabric Snippet Rolls

  • Signature Decorative Papers

  • Mixed Media Messy Papers

Mixed Media Messy Pages

Sometimes a white page just won't do! I'll walk you through a process of creating new stunning papers to use as pages in your handmade books.

Snippet Rolls

Who doesn't love tuck points and tabs? Learn how to make both fabric and paper snippet rolls for use in your journals.

Mixed Media Decorative Paper

Learn how to create your own signature mixed media papers to embellish your journals and make them truly one.