Are You Ready to Funk Up Your Letters?


and I've been doing it ever since I learned how to write, but . . .

I never loved the pressure to be perfect that came along with traditional calligraphy or modern brush lettering.

Hello, I'm Wendy.

aka @willa.wanders on Instagram

I'm a wife, mother, friend, artist and business owner. I've been a a multi crafter my entire life. A mixed media artist by nature. I've dabbled in or gone down the rabbit hole of many different art and craft mediums and subjects, including sewing, pottery, scrapbooking, calligraphy, knitting, handmade book making, art journaling and mixed media collage. I'm currently the Headmistress of Fodder School and you can find my blog, podcast and all of my other courses over on my main website,

I adore art journaling, bullet journaling in a very non-traditional way and working in Traveler's Notebooks. Without confidence in my hand writing/lettering abilities, I would be totally stuck.

Have you ever felt afraid to add text to your art journal pages?

If there is one sentiment that I hear over and over from the art journaling community members, it is this:

I am afraid of adding text to my art journal pages because I don't want to ruin them and I just don't love my handwriting.

My goal in presenting this course is to take artists who want to overcome this fear through a series of exercises that will yield CONFIDENCE in your own ability to add words to your pages.

I believe this is a totally achievable goal, because just like most of you, I don't love my natural, everyday handwriting, but I LOVE lettering in my art journals.

Just like I love to draw leaves, I love to draw letter forms.My art journal pages don't feel complete unless there are words on them. It is part of what makes my art "my art."

When I add hand lettering to an art journal page, it is also an opportunity to really concentrate on the meaning behind the words that I am drawing. It is a slow process and during this time, I am connecting with myself. I meditate on the thoughts and feelings that I have as I am writing the words. I don't need to try to do this, it just happens naturally.

There is no reason why my letters need to be perfect or compared to anyone else's. All that matters is that I enjoy this process of drawing each letter form. The more I do this, the more comfortable I become with it. The more I practice, and make mistakes, the more I discover my style and what I love

Let me take you through my ten week process that will yield confidence,

but NOT


Using a combination of drills and a lot of tips and tricks that I have developed over many years, we will work through my process that only takes a few minutes per day.

Consistency is key, and the practice exercises are not difficult because we will not be using any fancy or fussy calligraphy tools or brush lettering pens.

You will develop and use YOUR signature typestyle.

The other thing that I know about art journalers is that we don't want the pressure of feeling like our art needs to look like someone else's or that it needs to be precise or perfectionistic.

My system works with our unique needs as art journalers. It adapts to most if not all surfaces and allows for change and evolution as we grow as artists.

Muscle memory is THE KEY to hand lettering confidence.

Your lettering ability is a muscle. Use it or lose it. This course is like making a commitment to going to a gym to train your muscles. Doesn't sound very fun when you put it that way, but I love this process!

Like all good things, this won't happen without some work and commitment. I'm asking for about 15 minutes per day for ten weeks. It won't matter if you skip some days-this is nothing to stress out about!

We will start with basic drills, work quickly up to letters, move on to our own signature typestyles and before long, we will be adding our letters to our beloved art journals!


Not your typical brush lettering class.

I've got so many tips and tricks to share with you that are specific to adding words to art journals.

You'll have so many uses for your signature type.

This skill is not limited to art journaling! Use your new confident writing in any mixed media art project.

Lettering can be both meditative and satisfying.

Not only is hand lettering fun, it is a primary way that I meditate, find flow state and calm my nervous system.

New video lessons will drop into the classroom each Monday for ten weeks. Watch the lessons and then get practicing!

I'll send e-mail reminders every time there are new lessons available in the classroom during the initial run of the course (beginning on January 16, 2023). Late joiners will have access to all lessons that have previously dropped.

Lifetime access to all Willa Workshops.

Take the Love Your (Imperfect) Letters 30 Day Challenge!

The first group of participants will begin this challenge together on Monday February 20, 2023, but you can join in at any time.

After I've taught you enough about imperfect hand lettering for art journalers to get you really rolling, we'll begin the Love Your (Imperfect) Letters 30 Day Challenge together.

Don't worry, this is low stress. Miss a day or two or three? SO WHAT! This is an imperfect lettering challenge, right? You can catch up or skip ahead as you need to.

In addition to all of my lessons on hand lettering and tips and tricks for adding it to your art journals, I'll be providing a new hand lettering prompt for art journaling each day for 30 days (beginning in Week 7 of this curriculum).

The manual for this course contains loads of great quotes, but you can always choose your own! I demonstrate each challenge technique in a short video.

I love to follow your progress!

Use the hashtag


Post a photo of your challenge work each day for 30 days to Instagram using our hashtag


Following along and encouraging others, learning from each other and finding inspiration together . . . that's all part of the fun of doing this challenge.

Indroduction videos are ready to watch as soon as you register. Week 1 of this 10 week course will be released on January 16, 2023.

Join anytime, but I'll be taking through the first cohort of participants who want to complete this course "in community" beginning on January 16, 2023.