Create Your Own High Contrast Collage Fodder for Mixed Media Art

Creating my own custom collage fodder has elevated my art so much that I can't ever imagine going back. When I started making these botanical line drawn images and fussy cutting them, I knew my art had reached a place that even I was proud of. Making them may look easy, but I promise you, there are a few key secrets to doing it! Let me show you everything I know so that you can make your very own "wonky bits."

In this course, we'll learn botanical images, floral art, word art, and short and long quotes. No calligraphy experience necessary, simply your own handwriting employed in a really fun way!

Love the Process, Love the Result

As much as I can go on and on about "doing it for the process," I have come to accept that when it comes to creating art, I also want to feel that sense of satisfaction I get when I actually love what I create. And when it comes to messy, mixed media type art, it's easy to have a ton of fun and create a mess on the page, but it's not as easy to get that sense of satisfaction.

Enter the Wonky Bit. Honestly, I made that name up, but what we're really talking about here is having a high contrast focal point in your messy art. A place for the eye to immediately hone in. The first thing you see when you look at that page. A spot with really high contrast so that you cannot look away and your eye wants to linger there.

I sure as heck did not invent the focal point. I just took an idea that is always being talked about amongst artists and then I applied a technique that I thought might be really cool and fun to create a lot of loose focal points that I could use in everything that I create. Kind of a signature shortcut move to have almost guaranteed successful mixed media art every time. There isn't anything that I've made recently that these Wonky Bits have not made better.

Create Stunning Images

Let me show you how I create loads of images, words and quotes with a line quality that can only be called one thing . . . WONKY!

Use in Your Mixed Media Art

Use your signature Wonky Bits in all of your mixed media projects and art journal pages.

And Just Have Fun!

A lot of us simply want to create art because it's fun, it relaxes us and it relieves the stress of life. Making Wonky Bits takes you into that flow state that we all crave.


Add Bits to Your Tag Art, Art Journal Pages, Bullet Journals and more

Create Wonky Bits in the motifs that YOU love and then add them to all of your art to create a cohesive look that is all you.