Color Should Be Fun and Relaxing

In this course I walk you through a simple approach to mixing color and experimenting with mixed media art with your chosen signature color palette.

Color Mixing Can Really Easy if you know the Secret to Color Harmony

Have you ever learned traditional color mixing and been left sort of stressed out about how to apply the technique in real life to your painting or art journaling?

Perhaps you are comfortable with it but you just love to explore new ways of doing things.

Let me show you the way that I have been working with color for the past three years. I absolutely love it and I cannot imagine myself mixing color any other way!



Mixed Media Color Play

Have fun playing with color using acrylic paint using a stress free, relaxed mixed media approach.

Color Play

Let me guide you through some simple exercises so that you can build your intuitive color muscle and never, ever stress about color mixing or color selection again!