Why is this book called The Wage Peace Book?

"Peace in oneself, peace in the world."

-Thich Nhat Hanh

I created my original Wage Peace book during a time of war a few years ago when I underwent some intense soul searching. I recorded the new ideas that I was discovering for the first time onto the pages of my handmade book and I called that book my Wage Peace Book.

I loved my Wage Peace book so much that I created a second one and taught the method as my project in Fodder School 1.

In so many ways, this book represents my art philosopy:

Making art for ourselves serves to regulate our overstimulated nervous systems, and that is a big step toward peace in the world. It allows us to bring so much more compassion and love into our being when we are regulated.

Adding the meaningful thoughts, quotes and ideas that we come across as we are all on our own journey of self discovery is just as important to my process as the art itself.

This course is the combination of all that I love and all that I do to wage peace inside of my soul.

The contents of your book will be whatever you are exploring, wherever you desire growth and understanding and ultimately . . . PEACE.

What people are saying about The Wage Peace handmade book project . . .

"I've just finished my first book following this class from Wendy. I loved making it. I haven't written in it yet, but I already want to make another one. I can't stop just turning the pages in my book as what's on the pages . . . is just so random and keeps surprising me! You're going to have such a great time."

-Janet I.

"I loved making this book."

-Megan Q.

"Your books are gorgeous, Wendy! I love the idea of incorporating other themes into a book of my own theme where I can sit on it and resonate for a time. I'm going through some stuff I wouldn't in my wildest dreams have ever imagined in my life that I'd be going through, so I'm going to be heavily thinking and pondering, Ms Wendy. Thank you for this timely offering."

-Robyn P.

"I have loved this class with you Wendy. As usual with your classes I have taken in the past, they are organized, your videos very thorough, and filled with such good information. You are a great teacher."

-Julie H.

"Such a fantastic course Wendy! You never disappoint! What a fantastic gorgeous journal and wonderful ideas. "

-Tamara J.

"Oh my days this is the most amazing book I have ever seen."

-Sandra M.

The Wage Peace Book

For the first time ever, my course from Fodder School 1, the handmade book progject that I call my Wage Peace book, is available as a solo course on Willa Workshops.

In this BIG artist book course, we will cover:

8 fabric alteration options to create your own bespoke fabrics for use in this project and all of your mixed media art projects.

Creating layered, highly textured book pages.

Book construction using either a sewing machine or hand sewing or both.

Adding personal ephemera to your books.

The basics of hand lettering to finish off your book pages.

At the end of the course you will have one of the most delicious handmade books you've ever created!

Are you looking to make handmade artist books that have all of the yummy texture like the books that you see other amazing mixed media books share on social media? Come explore my methods for developing both fabric and paper for maximum textural effect.

There's so much content in this course it will wow you just like all of the other Willa Workshops do!

Now with subtitles in English, French, Spanish, German and Hebrew!

(other languages by request)


Just the Begging of this Course's Curriculum

  The Peace Book Project Photos
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Available in days
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  Fabric Alteration
Available in days
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  Book Creation
Available in days
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  Creating Pages for Our Books
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Book Cover
Available in days
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  Hinging the Pages
Available in days
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  Binding the Book
Available in days
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  Page Decor
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